Recruitment for Qualitative Studies

Our recruitment methodologies are completely customized to meet our client's needs. Our online panel reach allows us to fill those tough to recruit studies, along with running targeted ads, social media, and email automation. Your dedicated project manager tests every survey to ensure that there are no biases for respondents, optimize data integrity and that it is an enjoyable user experience for respondents.


We support recruitment for the following types of qualitative research:



Focus Groups

Taste Testing
Usability Tests


Remote (Online / Telephone)

Focus Groups


Usability Tests

Discussion Boards

Bulletin Boards

Consumer Panels

Our panel of Canadian consumers has been growing since 2007 with over 35,000 panelists in 2018. The qualitative nature of our panel has helped us maintain highly engaged members and a very strong response rate. Panelists are verified upon enrollment while other registrations and sampling checks are in place to ensure that the right respondents are recruited for our client's research projects.

Healthcare Professional Panels

We offer exclusive access to healthcare professionals in Canada with an impressive reach that has the proven ability to deliver with the most difficult to reach medical specialists. With extensive experience in health and panel management, our highly knowledgeable staff have acquired the experience to ensure that your study is set up for success. 

Our online panels include access to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and a breadth of other medical specialists. To request a free quote or sample feasibility,
email us today.

Focus Group Facilities

If you require an in-person qualitative approach, we have access to the best focus group facilities across Canada.   

Programming & Hosting

We offer custom survey programming and hosting capabilities to meet your questionnaire design. We have multi-media support to ensure that your online surveys are branded, reliable, secure and agile. Our goal is to ensure that you maintain the highest survey completion rate and a compelling experience for your respondents. 


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