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Get paid to voice your opinions by registering to participate in market research studies below.

Joining our panel is free and the information you submit remains strictly confidential. We will not share your personal information with anyone and we will never try to sell you anything.


What to expect once you have signed up?

Once you have completed your registration and profiling questionnaire, we will email you when we have studies for which you may qualify. Each email will include a link for a short online survey to determine whether a particular study is applicable to you. For example, some studies are to better understand how people use a particular product so we need to ensure that it is something that you currently use. Upon completion of the qualifying survey, your answers will be reviewed and if you qualify, you will be invited to attend a paid market research survey such a focus group. Focus groups usually take place outside of business hours and we will only invite you to participate in locations that are convenient to you or online/over the phone. 

What to expect after you are selected to participate in focus groups?

When you arrive at the focus group location, you will sign an audio or video release form and take a seat in the waiting room. Complimentary refreshments are typically provided for you to enjoy while you wait for the focus group to start. Once the focus group starts, a moderator will lead the discussion and you’ll be asked to share your opinions. Sometimes you’ll even get to do a taste test, or view some new packaging or advertisement that the public has not yet seen! Focus groups usually run for about 90 minutes to 2 hours and participants are compensated for their time at the end of the discussion upon signing out. 

Want to know even more? Check out our 
FAQ page.

Kate A

I love being part of SmartPoint Research panel because it gives me the opportunity to make some extra money simply by providing feedback on different products! Each study that I have been to has been interesting and stimulating conversation.

Jason C

From start to finish, working with SmartPoint was a breeze. I really enjoyed the one on one interview sessions over drinks and felt totally at ease with the whole process. Everything was on point from the get go and SmartPoint Research made sure I was paid the $500 I was promised. Looking forward to the next time I can participate in a project like this. Thanks!"

Jill S

I was paid $150 cash to taste a new cider that was not even released yet! I thoroughly enjoyed being part of my first study with SmartPoint Research, and hope that they send me more soon!

Tom Y

I just completed my first study with SmartPoint Research on Video Games. I was paid in a $500 Amazon Gift Card to test a new game, eat pizza and give my feedback on something not even released yet. It was truly amazing and I had a blast!


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